Amelia Hagen

The Pivot

In the time of coronavirus, I’m sure we’ve all read piece after piece about how life has changed due to the “new normal”. About how more, not most, people are working from home. About how we need to “unpack” an insight from the latest Zoom meeting or webinar. Amidst this backdrop of an emerging low touch economy, is this notion of the pivot. This summer, American media outlets, such as CNBC News, Forbes, and Fast Company, have covered business pivots of entrepreneurs, specifically highlighting those of women entrepreneurs. Even three years ago, Wendy Sachs published ‘Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot – and Relaunch Their Careers’. It’s been incredibly […]

That never-ending question

This morning I tuned into a webinar led by one of my favorite MBA professors. She covered generational differences in the workplace within US society, specifically highlighting traits and preferences of Millennials and Generation Z. As a Millennial myself, some of our “workplace wants” she mentioned jumped out at me: flexibility, mobility, desire to make a difference. But what there wasn’t time for was a discussion about how gender influences these as well.  Immediately after graduating with a business undergraduate degree, I moved to Japan. The plan was to stay one year and return to the US with a job in international development consulting…or something like that. Days after landing […]